MTD port  Reception facility is located in the centre of the port of Antwerp and is accessible  by water and road.  MTD has his own processing plant for waste streams with specialized separation techniques . A comprehensive and thorough treatment plant with a throughput of 200.000 m³ a year and a storage capacity of 5000m³, this makes MTD port reception facility one of the leading maritime waste treatment facilities in the ARA region.


MTD Port Reception Facility is specialized in the treatment and processing of:

  • Mixtures of oil, fuel, sludge and water 
  • Hydrocarbon mixtures 
  • Off-spec products 
  • Oily sludges 
  • Industrial waste waters 


Due to port regulations there is a strict restricting of ventilating cargo tanks in open air. Therefore MTD has built a degassing installation for ventilating cargo tanks. The installation uses active carbon to absorb all polluting chemicals from the cargo tanks.  Since the cargo tanks must be ventilated several times to reach a LEL of 10%  the unit is equipped with powerful fans to produce a flow of 2000m ³ / h . The unit can easily be connected by means of a flexible hose with a flange connection of DIN 200. De degassing installation is located on berth 375 in the port of Antwerp.


Direct delivery of steam for barges and coasters on berth 375 in the port of Antwerp.