To guarantee an excellent  service for the collection of fluid waste our 4 barges with a total capacity of 2.500 tons are available 7 days a week, 24 hours  a day. All our barges are certified and recognized by all international, national and port authorities.  In case of small quantities or no access by water side we can provide collections by trucks.

In all Belgian seaports and the ARA region:

Collection of all fluid maritime waste (all annexes)

  • Engine room sludge
  • Bilge waters
  • Dirty oils (baseoils, lubeoils,….)
  • Washings ex Marpol I-II-IV
  • Low flash washings
  • Ballast waters
  • Grey water
  • Black water

Fleet of barges for collection

  • MTS Emmeln
    1150 MT
  • MTS Colombus
    886 MT
  • MTS Junior
    450 MT
  • MTS Jacob Sr
    110 MT

Vacuum trucks for collection
Trucks available via subcontractors